Clinical Investigations are in Progress In CHUGA Grenoble Hospital

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It is already a year since SERENE-IoT has started: the project was kicked-off on 1st June 2017 with the 3 European consortia simultaneously: France, Germany and Spain. This first year was characterized by numerous exchanges and fruitful collaborations between the partners. We have been strongly involved in the technical work of the project, but also had many interesting webinars proposed by partners on different topics like ‘Blockchain’, ‘5G Evolution’, ‘Preliminary Hazard Analysis’, ‘IoT Security’, ’General Data Protection Regulation’, … We met once again with enthusiasm for the annual review on 5th of June (2018) 5th June 2018 on the STMicroelectronics site in Grenoble. PENTA Office (an EUREKA cluster for strengthening European competitiveness in the fields of microelectronics and nanotechnologies) emphasized the great team spirit and the successful collaboration within the team. We are pursuing the development of demonstrators at full speed and look forward to showcasing our progress in coming events.