The Figure shows the different model steps, starting from a medical problem expressed by health experts (H), industry (I) or research (R) entities always around the patient (P) and resulting in real needs, through placing the “Product” on the market.
Based on our experience, the time scale for the complete cycle can be around 10 years. Note that the blue/green area domain represent SERENE-IoT timeframe, and includes the model steps (“Product concept”, “Technical Prototype” and “Clinical Prototype”) devoted to developing the technology needed to solve the identified medical problem.
The remaining steps (“Pre-product” and “Product”) are devoted to clinical intensive evaluation/test and maturation to bring “Clinical Prototype” to a real and certified product in accordance with the protocol defined, having its certification and having followed the required industrialization phases. These two last steps are the unique responsibility of the industrial manufacturers developing the product and, because of the difficulty of performing this in a collaborative way, is not part of the SERENE-IoT project.