Traditionally Europe has been very strong in medical care equipment development and manufacturing, however it is of key importance for Europe to take a leading role in the new paradigm of secured remote health care (Smart Health), as this will be the fastest growing Health Care Market segment for the next decade. The micro- and nanoelectronics industry in Europe will benefit from this evolution, by delivering the components needed to put in place this Smart Health Care eco system in Europe.

SERENE-IoT will allow the European Industry to develop products and services in the area of remote medical care, based on the Proof of Concept developed in the three prototypes by strong Industry leading companies covering the overall supply chain. The project proposes to tackle research, development and medical testing to allow a strong positioning of Europe in this market segment.

Companies, represented in this project, like STM will deliver secured MCU with integrated memory, power management, radio’s (BLE, LoRa) to medical equipment developers like Maatel who will build complete Medical IoT Module that will be associated to the communicating nutrition/infusion pump from Fresenius and to the post-surgery infection detection system from Medtronic to be delivered to the European Health care organizations as KUM and CHU GA, who are at the highest level in the market chain and provide care to patients. Seidor will provide the cloud infrastructure and platform needed to ensure interoperability and wide access. At the same time STM will deliver technology (radio’s) to network providers like ORANGE for setting up the IoT network enabling this Smart Healthcare and other IoT technology evolutions. Companies like SpringTechno and Flavia IT will develop the right application and services to allow to link the remote medical equipment with the health care centers and specialists.

The project clearly fits under the umbrella of the technologically roadmap “Health and the Ageing Society” outlined in the PENTA white paper as one of the roadmaps necessary for Europe to compete with Micro- and Nano-electronics based applications in present and future markets. Indirectly the project also covers part of the “Energy Efficiency” and “Safety and Security” roadmaps. This project is in line with one of the three focus areas of PENTA being Healthcare: people and patient centric for the whole care cycle, prevention, diagnosis, treatment/therapy, and after-care. As the SMEs are the backbone of economic development and value generation, SERENE-IoT puts a special focus on SME’s, fully compliant also to global PENTA objectives. The several promising SME’s on board (Maatel, Spring Techno, Flavia-IT, Seidor and Sensing Tex) collaborate within the SERENE-IoT to solve medical problems of today and the future.

SERENE-IoT will impact the main medical stakeholders positively:

  • Patient will profit of all the advantages provided by healthcare services at home, leading to a longer active life, higher comfort, reduce costs, etc.

  • Caregivers will have finally the ability to reduce further extensions of specialized care centers by offering a remote health care to a bigger group of patients. It allows them to focus on the more challenging and critical health care cases and increase the quality of service.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer and Purchasers will boost their revenues and support European medical end electronics manufacturing industry through the new developments in remote controllable Health care equipment. The additional cost of the equipment and services will be more than compensated by the lower investments in health care infrastructure and personal, thanks to the capabilities provided by the remote control and monitoring.

  • Payers will decrease the overall healthcare expenses per patient allowing to keep high level of social security services in Europe at affordable costs.

  • Local initiative : SERENE-IoT aims at creating links to
    • Autom@Dom in Grenoble city, France
    • Smart System Demo Lab (SSL) at Fraunhofer EMFT in the context of “Secure Connected Systems” (Leistungszentrum “Sichere Vernetzte Systeme (SVS)) initiative in Munich, Germany
    • TicSalut and ForumCIS supporting different healthcare initiatives in the Catalan region, Spain.
    • European NEREID Project (NanoElectronics Roadmap for Europe: Identification and Dissemination) for inputting results for future European roadmap on Healthcare technologies

Clearly fitting PENTA roadmaps, SERENE-IoT project bring key technology innovations addressing the Healthcare Grand Challenges described in the VMS (Vision, Mission and Strategy document) like:

  • Domestic accident detection, Infections and early stage diseases at Prevention care cycle level;
  • Telemedicine, early screening of diseases at Early Diagnosis care cycle level;
  • Smart automated drug delivery at Targeted therapy care cycle level;
  • Secure/private tele-monitoring networks and alerts at Remote supervision care cycle level;
  • During project timeframe other key technology innovations are also expected to be raised like real-time response to drug, high degree of multiplex detection.