SERENE-IoT addresses the needs of patients remotely followed by professional caregivers by developing advanced smart e-health IoT devices and architecture in Europe. SERENE-IoT focuses on 3 medical challenge domains, providing Prototypes Clinically Evaluated :

SERENE-IoT will consider the beneficial impacts for the patient with an increased quality of life and for the health system with an expected cost saving, increasing in such way the chance factor of care access to the population.

Thanks to SERENE-IoT Use cases, project partners from the overall healthcare value chain stakeholders will validate new advanced technical concepts based on an IoT System, and then create new market opportunities for European healthcare industry and pave the way for the deployment of such connected devices in EU.

Each of 3 medical devices will be validated in real clinical environments providing mono-centric and multi-centric clinical investigation plans.

SERENE-IoT will contribute to the evaluation of the secured end-to-end IoT system platform in real scenarios including the proposed healthcare data structure, demonstrating in such way the achieved benefits.

At the end of the project, the Original Electronics Medical Devices Manufacturers will follow the certification and industrialization phases.